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"Battery bad...replace now" sears opener...not really????

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  • "Battery bad...replace now" sears opener...not really????

    I have a CRAFTSMAN opener model 139.5391 installed 11/12. Belt drive battery backup. Unit has been an issue from installation. The main board was apparently bad from the get go but really did not declare itself until after warranty expired of course. Sears wanted $125 to come to the house. I purchased a new board and installed it myself this past April. I then fought with Sears successfully to have the $70 reimbursed.

    New issue: The opener started to beep every 30 seconds and display read " Batter bad...replace now" I ordered a replacement battery that had 10 volts out of the box and installed it. Not an OEM but definitely a correct replacement. Well...the opener again beeped and displayed "bad battery" with the new one installed. The LED on the board was red.

    I can live without a battery on this thing but buying a new one and still with the problem is annoying.

    Any thoughts? As I mentioned, the board is new and the old battery was just under 2 years old.


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    what does the battery supply? the control board? Certainly 10 volts won't run the motor! Is it of the sealed lead acid construction with push on spade terminals?
    I would check the charging circuit of the control board. It's probably a bridge rectifier off a step down transformer with very little filtering. A regulator circuit is involved to keep the charge from over topping the battery.


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      As long it's not Craftsman part # battery there is no sure way to tell. The battery never come with a full charge. In the past week I have install 2 Chamberlain openers with the battery backup and both showed half charge on the wall control display.
      I see 3 options, new Craftsman battery, new logic or live without the battery backup. Disconnect the battery and it will stop beeping.