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Garage door opens by itself

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  • Garage door opens by itself

    Hi All,

    I have a Gliderol garage door installed. Somehow, the garage door opens by itself when closed and stays open. Obviously this is not ideal, since this has happened late at night and the door stay open all night.
    This has happened before, and the person who installed the doors did come out to repair / reset the receiver (not sure) and it worked fine for about a year. Unfortunately I can't get hold of him now
    My questions -
    1 - What could possibly cause this?
    2 - Is there a way I can repair it, or should I wait for professional assistance?
    3 - For the interim, can I switch off the power and also detach the back-up battery so that it will not open again on its own?

    Any assistance will be much appreciated!

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    I have never worked on or with a Gliderol opener or door, but yes you should be able to disconnect the power and the battery backup, the nothing will work for sure. With a quick look at some of Gliderol websites it look like an ok product, most openers will only open when activated by a remote, outside keyless or the wallcontrol/button. You might try to erase the codes on the opener. Most if you press and hold the learn button on the opener will erase the codes, but then you have to reprogram your remotes.


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      Yup, just erase the codes on the opener. Let us know if that helps.


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