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S3 Winder spring tensioner question


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  • S3 Winder spring tensioner question

    I am installing the new wood garage door I built this Sunday. I am replacing a 50 yo tilt up. I ordered all of the parts from DDM Garage Doors (free plug, they were very helpful) and the parts arrived by UPS late last night. This is my first soup to nuts garage door install.

    I opened all of the boxes to check everything this evening and realized they sent me two S3 Winders and I do not know why they sent more than one. They are of course closed for the weekend now and cannot ask.

    The S3 can easily handle the weight of my door and handles two spring setups like mine. Only thing I can think is that they sent me two 8' bars and a coupler (shipping a 16' bar from Chicago to California would have been very expensive) and the only way to make it work is to have the coupler in the middle and one S3 mounted either side of it, each handling only one spring.

    Or else Andrew accidentally put a "2" in the order form and I only need one?

    Frankly, option 1 is the only way I can see installing the whole shaft/spring assembly anyway as the coupler is to big to fit inside the spring.

    Or is there a third option?


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    Option 1 will be the correct answer.