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Dented Panel Repair Help Needed

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  • Dented Panel Repair Help Needed

    Just had a pro install a new Wayne Dalton 9600 Thermogard Door. Like a dummy, I have hit it twice with my tow ball. I painted it so at least the dents do not look dark colored anymore, but I still kick myself every time I pull into my driveway. This is an 18 ft door, and a new panel is over $500.

    Pics attached. Any suggestions on how I could repair this?


    F$%^&$%^&.........The attachment manager will not allow me to upload what I know is a valid 100 KB .JPG file! Keeps telling me file is not a valid image file.
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    Swift Garage Door Repair

    Hi you can call us at Swift Garage Door Repair in Owings Mills. We deal with all garage door makes and models. So we can check it out for you.
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      Swift Garage,

      Thanks for your reply. Finally got pics inserted. Any hope for fixing these dents? The first pic and the third one are the same dent, just upper and lower views of it.

      This is an 18 ft door. Quote on new panel was $800 installed. Door is only a year old. Ask me if I am kicking myself everytime I look at the door.

      BTW, I live in Va Beach.

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        Replaced door panel. $650

        CASE CLOSED!