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genie chain drive rail moves


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  • genie chain drive rail moves

    I uploaded youtube video. Look at the rail near the door. It flexes down/up when the door 1st starts to open/close. When the door is down I grab the bar and try wiggle it, but i cant. Bolts feel tight. Is this movement expected?

    this unit was not operated for over 10 years it just sat there and was never operated. The fuse popped and she did not know why it stopped working. I just replaced the fuse.

    it was installed in 1985 by an auth genie installer.


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    Welcome to the Forum, paulmars. I'd dismantle the joint where the door arm is bolted to the carrier arm. It's jamming the door to the floor. When you relieve that pressure, with the door closed, realign the arms and re-bolt them.


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      1/3 hp model pmx300ic/b


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        which is door arm and carrier arm?

        What about the force adjustments?


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          The door arm is the part attached to the garage door top. The carrier arm is the part that connects from that arm to the carrier. It appears there are two bolts keeping them together. Remove both bolts and, with the door all the way down in the closed position, and the carrier traveled all the way to it's max at closed position, reconnect those two arms using the nearest holes to line up. There should also be a contact on the carrier to prevent over travel. That's an adjustable switch located in front of the carrier. In fact, you could just try moving that switch back a couple inches until the carrier closes the door but doesn't spring load the carrier arm.