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Opener Reverses When Trying to Close


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  • Opener Reverses When Trying to Close

    Have 18 ft Door with Liftmaster 2220 Opener and 888LM Wall Control, 890MAX Remotes.

    When closing door from either wall control or remote control, about 50% of the time the door only goes down (closes) about 12 inches or so and then reverses to fully open position. Some, but not all of the time it helps to hold the close button down until the door closes past the point where it reverses. When fully closed the door opens correctly every time.

    if the door safety reversing sensors were preventing the door from closing, the lights on the opener would flash, and that's not happening. I believe the sensors are working correctly because I can start the door closing, intentionally break the beam, and the door reverses, and the opener lights flash.

    Liftmaster (Chamberlain) Support had me disconnect and operate the door manually. When I fully opened the door and let go of it, the door would go down (close) to about that same 12 inches or so. So Liftmaster concluded that the door tension needed adjustment. This baffles me because the way it's acting, the door tension (or lack of tension) is actually HELPING the door opener to start closing. So why would this cause the opener to reverse?

    We had our garage door/door opener company rep take a quick look at it while he was here for other reasons. He adjusted the opener's down force just a little (increased it), tried it a few times, and as Murphy would have it, it worked OK.

    When he left Murphy stayed and he saw to it that our problem was not solved. I suppose I could take a few turns on the door spring tension as the Liftmaster rep suggested, but I am not convinced that's the problem, and don't want to mess with that torsion rod unless I have to.

    Any thoughts on what might be causing this?


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    is anything obstructing the up/low limit switch? something on the lead screw or chain?