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Liftmaster outer trolley needs replacing


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  • Liftmaster outer trolley needs replacing


    I have a Liftmaster- Model 2280 garage door opener. The outer trolley portion of the trolley assembly needs to be replaced. The inner trolley appears to be in good shape.

    How do I do this replacement? While I believe I need to order an entire trolley assembly since it comes as one replacement part (41B3869-1), would it be easier for me to replace just the outer trolley since the inner trolley is still good? Or should I replace the whole thing? Does it make a difference in terms of ease of replacement?

    Thanks in advance for the help,

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    Trolly replacement

    Do the whole thing. You will probably find it easier to do if you take it down from the cieling. Loosen then adjusting screw on the belt by the trolly but be careful not to take it all the way off. The take the 2 screws off that connect the rail. Take the trolley apart and replace. Making sure to put trolly back to its same position, or risk having totake the motor cover off to correct the open & close limits. You can find it at a sears service center or any large garage door company. Or online.


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      Thanks, Ryan!

      Given that the whole trolley should be replaced, how would you rate this in terms of difficulty/time? Is this definitely something that is diy?



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        3 out of 5

        Its not that hard to do as long as you think of it in mechanical terms. You need to take tension off of the chain, take the rail off of the motor, take off the stop screw, and make sure you keep the trolley in the position you found it. I rate it at a 3 out of 5 on the difficulty scale.

        You could probably find a business to do it for less than $100. The benefit of this is that you may get the door checked out as well, and make sure it is running well itself.