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Dealing with Old wood Garage door


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  • Dealing with Old wood Garage door

    Hi hoping I have a solution to my re-occurring problem. It seems often when seasons start changing, I have issues with my garage door fully closing. Most internet help out there suggest there is something wrong with the sensor but I am skeptical that is my problem. I have wiped off the eye and have tried to align both sides and the status lights are telling me that the sensor is working. The problem closing is always that last two feet of closure and it appears the door struggles to travel. I think the term is 'walking' where it's almost like the door is wobbling. In the middle of that, the door stops and reverses. I add door lubricant, replace hardware, or adjust cables on the springs (4 extension spring) as a last resort and can usually get the shutter/walking/vibration to go away.. My floor is concrete slab and there is a couple cracks in it, I hear that could possibly be the issue too. Short of replacing everything, is there anything I can do to concretely determine the problem and 'fix' it enough so I don't have to do this procedure every spring and fall? Thanks in advance!

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    Do you think the cracks have misaligned the rails? I wonder if you should realign the rails, maybe add some spacers or something to account for the cracks?