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Liftmaster garage door intermittent remote issue


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  • Liftmaster garage door intermittent remote issue

    I have a Liftmaster garage door opener, Model# 41A5483-4B, 2004 vintage. For the past several months we've experienced an intermittent issue with the remotes for one of the two doors (3-car garage). We do not have the issue with the single-car door, just the 2-car door. The door always opens with the remotes when the car is in the garage but have mixed results when the door is closed and the car is outside the garage. It seems to happen more often in colder temperatures, but even that is a bit random. Sometimes the door will open when we're down the block, and sometimes we have to back the car to within a foot of the door to get it to open. It also seems to be worse at night than during the day. This occurs with both the handheld remotes and the Homelink buttons in the car that uses that garage bay (all three Homelink buttons are programmed to open this door, and all three have opened it from inside and out, so it's not the Homelink). We've tried removing the LED lights from in front of the doors since I read on several message boards (including this one) that RF interference from the LED lights may affect the signal, but due to a sensor issue our outside LEDs are on 24/7 (including the daytime where the issue is less prevalent), and we did remove them anyway with no effect. The doors always open and close with the hardwired buttons inside the garage as well as the coded remote attached to the outside of the garage door. I've considered getting a signal booster but don't think it will work given the intermittent nature of the issue. My feeling - based on the effects of temperature and sunlight on the issue - is that there may be a loose connection on the circuit board with the antenna. Any input would be greatly appreciated, thanks!!

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    I'm not an expert with garage doors, so take my advice with a grain of salt, but I would recommend that you check out the circuit board for sure. If you have had it working for many years straight, it's reasonable that it could have broken somehow. My first guess would have been the interference with your lights, but since you've already proven that was not the problem, I'm not sure what else could be broken besides the circuit board. I wish you the best of luck in fixing it!


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      Your door has been in use for years, and it stands to reason that it may have broken somehow. Perhaps you should replace the door and not torture yourself every time. When I was renovating my garage, I ordered UPVC french doors. The company provides doors for every budget. I chose an inexpensive garage door, and the materials and artistry pleased me immediately. After 9 months of operation, I did not detect any flaws. Sound insulation is good. The dismantling of the old doors was done neatly. I hope that you can solve your problem. I wish you good luck.
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