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Marantec 4700E error code 1,7,8


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  • Marantec 4700E error code 1,7,8

    Hi guys
    I have a Marantec 4700E model that's giving me issues after 7 yrs. Been running good all this time but today it will just open but not close. Only way it will close is if I hold the wall button and not release it until it's closed all the way. When I check the error codes #1,#7 and #8 lights are blinking. When I check the manual it says Force watchdog circuit found an error or the sensor which monitors the operator sensitivity has failed. For solution it says to readjust operator force and run the operator for 2 uninterrupted complete cycles, Level 1 (Menu 1 and 2). I'm not sure how to do this. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks guys.