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Sledge handle replacement

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  • Sledge handle replacement

    I had a question about using a fiberglass replacement handle for a sledge hammer. Are you supposed to leave that metal clip on the end that fits into the head? I hope I am describing it ok, but when I leave it on it doesn’t seem to fit, and when it is off it fits. I wasn’t sure if the clip gave the epoxy something to bond to or if it was just left on for some manufacturing purpose. If I am suppose to leave it on, should I just try to bend down the end with a hammer? Any help or advice? Thanks.

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    clean the inside of the head from dust. mix the two part epoxy and coat the replacement handle [thin end] insert the handle into the head, tap it a few times with a hammer. hold it there until the epoxy cures. cut off what is exposed and drive the wedge into the slot of the handle.