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Best submersible well pump?

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  • Best submersible well pump?

    I am looking into submersible water well pumps (Grundfos, Little Giant brands) and I want to pick the brains of all members who have experience to share. What are the best pumps...i.e. break down the least and last the longest.

    Criteria: 100'-125' deep, probably 110V with a deep manual (hand) backup in case of long term loss of electricity. Will be used to provide water for house, garden, fruit trees/vines.

    I think having a well drilled as a secondary water supply is important where feasible. I am just grateful we live where I can easily do that!

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    Are you planning to put a submersible and a hand pump on this well?

    Do you know what the water level in this well will be? What is the diameter of the casing?

    If you don't mind a Chinese Motor, all brand name pumps are basically the same. The names not to buy are:
    Northern Tool, Grainger, Home Depot, Tractor Supply, Lowe's and Sears are some you should avoid.

    If you want a Franklin motor, Franklin makes a pump (as well as the motor) as does National pump (the one I sell). There is another one, but the name eludes me.