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Aluminum Nails for greenhouses??


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  • Aluminum Nails for greenhouses??

    We are constructing a small 10 X 12 foot lean-to greenhouse on the back of our large barn. Being a pack rat, I am using the "ends" of commercial-grade greenhouse fiberglass panels, left over, from a large greenhouse project in WA. When we built the first greenhouse, the sweet "commercial greenhouse expert" said that we HAD to use Aluminum "ring" nails/with rubber washers with this material. Our current guys have zero experience building greenhouses..and say that we do NOT have to use ALUMINUM nails. would we use aluminum? They suggest long, galvanized, screws so that the panels would be replaceable. HELP!

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    None rusting......

    The only reason I could see is to prevent staining the panels with rust. Galvanized screws would be a great idea, as it does provide for repairs in the future. Stainless screws would be neat. Pricey, but neat.


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      aluminum nails for greenhouses??

      Thanks, Mrcaptainbob, for your input. I can only guess that future staining of the panels may be the reason for the aluminum nails....but????. Any idea if galvanized screws would cause staining? Could the zinc content cause any problems with staining?