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Echo PB-403T (Power Blower) question


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  • Echo PB-403T (Power Blower) question

    Hi, Group.

    I have an echo power blower and it was working just fine most of Saturday. Near the end of the day it started running a little bumpy and I thought it was just the typical "running out of gas scenario". I put more gas in and it ran the same. I checked a couple of things like the spark plug and the air filter - both were OK. I went to check the fuel filter and it had come detached from the fuel line. I put it back on. It started running worse until it got to the stage where it would start, run a little (a few seconds) then stop again. I left it until Sunday to look at it again. I replaced the gas and got new 2-stroke oil, just to rule them out as factors. Same performance. Long story short, I can only get the thing to run with the choke half open. If I close it, the echo shuts off. That's OK as a short-term workaround but it's not a good solution. Does anyone have any suggestions of things to check? Could the fact that the fuel filter came off be the problem? I don't know how long it had been off for.

    I used the spark plug from my other echo since it was the same type. The two plugs looked quite different - the one from the problem unit was fouled and I think that might be to do with the fuel mixture being too rich. I was very careful to make sure that I was using the proper 50:1 ratio fuel to oil. I'm using Echo Power Blend oil and 89 fuel.

    Cheers, Max

    PS - just a quick rant. I spent about 45mins in Home Depot looking for a replacement spark plug with no luck. I needed an NGK BPM8Y but they don't have any NGK plugs (other than a few for Honda models). Their Champion catalog is from 2003!!! and didn't have mine listed in the cross reference section. I called my wife at home and after a while online she found that I could use a Champion CJ6Y. Home Depot have the RCJ6Y, CJ6 and a RCJ6 but not the one I needed. They don't even carry spare parts for equipment they sell. I was sorely tempted to take the spark plug out of the floor models but I resisted. To make matters worse, I was recorinding the Pats game at 1pm and some guy announces the score over the PA system. Thankfully it was still in the first quarter but I had to get the hell outta there before I popped someone. In the end I just used the spark plug from my other echo.
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    I think I have my own answer. I looked in the manual (online). I may just need to adjust the carb. Doh! How easy is that? I'll try that tonight.


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      Originally posted by Max View Post
      I think I have my own answer. I looked in the manual (online). I may just need to adjust the carb. Doh! How easy is that? I'll try that tonight.
      Thanks for coming back and posting what you found! That helps the rest of us...


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        the champion RCJ6Y will work. the "R" means it is a resistance type plug for radio interference.
        I got a homelite with similar problems. I traced it down to the needle valve in the idle jet in the carb. The orifices are just so darn small, anything could get trapped in there. AND like you say the carberator adjustment.