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Grass Hog won't feed


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    Thanks to Mabushnell (and the forum) for identifying the "culprit" (i.e. the lever) that is causing my grass hog not to feed. It is a real pain to have to pull the line cover off ever few minutes to manually feed line.

    A couple of things to share:

    1. some have posted on this thread about bumping the head of the trimmer on the ground to release more line. The grass hog that is being discussed here is an auto feed model (#GH600) that does not use the bumping technique.

    2. I called Black & Decker (860) 225-5111 and asked if there was a retail shop near me where I could pick up a new lever so that I did not have to pay $10 shipping on a $2 item. The rep checked for a retail store and when she could not find one in my area she said she would ship the part to me. She did not charge me for the part or the shipping - now that's customer service! Thank you B&D!

    3. There are 4 different "types" of the GH600, but the lever is the same part for all of them (part #598435-00)

    Hope this helps.
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      I know this is an old thread but, in case somebody still needs info, here's what I've found.

      The little plastic lever wears out and causes line-feed failure, as many here have pointed out. Only option is to replace it. You may still be able to get

      Black & Decker part 598435-00 from ereplacementparts-dot-com or directly from Black & Decker.

      However, DeWalt part 598435-00SV is a direct replacement, and has a metal collar on the offending plastic knob that wears out so fast.

      As of May 2015, I don't think ereplacementparts carries the original B&D anymore, only the DeWalt. The info available says that the DeWalt-branded part is actually made by B&D, and they recommend keeping a replacement on hand because the plastic one is known to wear out so fast. Hopefully the metal-reinforced DeWalt will last longer. (I only ordered one at $3.99, but still have a replacement B&D as a backup.)