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Flooding Back Yard


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  • Flooding Back Yard

    I need help with our new house. Our back half of our yard floods bad when it rains. I think the houses around us lower into our yard. Does anyone have any sugestions?

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    your house must lie in a valley. other than trucking in topsoil and grading it away from the house, I don't think there's much to do.


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      Try to make a small valley that changed the direction... or you can also builds a half meter wall around the door...


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        The neighbor down the street had the same problem a couple years back. He had to re-grade their entire back yard. Sod cutter, lots of dirt. They even planted strategic trees and bushes. It's a lot of work, not a weekend project. Good luck


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          I assume that you don't have a water issue next to the house foundation.

          I would look at the grade and install a french drain in the back yard and channel the water to a point where it is not an issue. This will probably require digging trench lines and getting the drainage slope right on your discharge lines.

          The size of the piping depends on the amount of water involved. You could also use essentially a sump pump approach to physically pump the water from the low area of the yard.

          Eventually you will probably raise the grade in that area. But be careful that you just don't move the problem (water) somewhere else on your property rather than fixing the problem.