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John Deere L110 problem

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  • John Deere L110 problem

    Hi, Group!

    I have a John Deere L110 Lawn Tractor. It's almost 6 years old. This weekend when I was mowing the lawn it stalled a couple of times. So I decided to replace the following:
    spark plug (the gap was 1mm instead of 0.76),
    air filter (the old one looked OK but it was time)
    fuel filter (first time this has been replaced)
    oil and oil filter

    That's pretty much the only servicing I have ever done on this tractor. So I start using the tractor and it seems to go pretty good. It doesn't sound as rough as before or maybe my ears are fooling. BUT, it conked out again. I left it for a day before trying anything more. I started it and let it run while I did some other tasks. It ran great and there was no stalls or misses. Then I jump on it and drive it to a pile of brush that I have ready to be trailered away. As soon as I started to drive it started running patchy and then stalled again. So it seems to run fine when it's not under any load but when I apply load (just driving, not towing) it stalls.

    Any suggestions? I still have some grass to cut and it's already wicked tall. LOL.

    Thanks, Max

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    check your transmission oil. if it has a hydrostatic drive check the oil. I have a yardman that has a fan on the drive to the transmission. that fan was busted but it did what yours did stalled out. another thing I found out, the wire that turns on the fuel solenoid to the carberator was busted so I put in an extra switch and ran 12 volts through the switch to the solenoid.


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      Thanks, Hazy. My tractor does have the hydrostatic drive so I can check that. I don't think the problem is with fuel as I could see into the fuel filter and fuel was being pushed through. I read on a few other sites that there could be an issue with the drive belt but I didn't find anyone who had the same symptoms as me so I don't know if that is valid info or not.

      Cheers, Max

      EDIT: just did a quick search and the transmission appears to be a sealed unit that doesn't require servicing for the life of the unit. So they say. If I want to check the fluid level then I need to start ripping things apart. But if that's what it takes...
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        Deer L110

        Hi, Max.
        Try this forum. There's a section for your size tractor. The whole forum is Deer focused.
        Topics - Weekend Freedom Machines


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          Thanks, Captain. I'll scoot over there.


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            Problem with tractor. Fuel Pump

            If yours is the same as mine, it'll stall, and you'll see that the filter is empty. then it will slowly refill and you'll be able to run the tractor for another 90 seconds. Possibly a failing fuel pump or a problem with blockage in the fuel line from the tank to the filter. Fuel pump runs about $40.

            Happy hunting.


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              If your L110 John Deere runs for awhile, then stalls, repeatedly, first try cleaning the vent hole in the gas cap.