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type of paint and how-to cover stains

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  • type of paint and how-to cover stains

    I am painting some appartment units that are pretty well destroyed. the walls have very fine cracks/lines in the pain and some is peeling off. The pain has almost a yellow tint to it and dark marks form water stains, steam radiator stains, kids, grease, and other things. This must be repaired in the cheap i.e. under 100.00. i was going to buy a 5gal of 140.00 paint at menards, flat white enamel with primer but was over rulled in place of a 30.00 gal of water based flat white high hide. This pain seems very thin and does not cover well imo. Only when i lay it on very very thick from the roller can i see it cover and then i get the pattern from the roller due to not pressing firmly.

    perhaps primer would solve this?

    what is the best way to paint this, a roller, a spray paint, do i strip the paint first? I have air tools and a compressor so a stripper disk meant for a air grinder would work or what about he spray paint kits at menards for 30.00 with the gravity fed paint attachments that hook to the air hose line from the compressor?

    this all must be done by monday so id like to do it right the first time. btw this does not need to look perfect or be of high quaility, the building is from the 1900's and already has a good 20 coats of paint on the walls/wood.


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    there are many types of sprays available to remove the stains