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Second Coat Difficulties.


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  • Second Coat Difficulties.

    Old cedar paneled front door. Stripped down to the first coat. Applied latex primer without any issues. Next day applied latex semi gloss neutral Weatherbeater mistakenly believing it was white paint. Seems dry after a few hours. Temperature is just at 60 degrees, humidity around 55 percent. Apply Behr gloss white acrylic. Using Purdy nylon/polyester bristle brushes. Paint goes on at first brush stoke and then a second or third stroke seems to pull the fresh coat of paint away. The door looks awful. Wife reads online that semi gloss paint may require sanding to remove the sheen. I scrape off the coat I just applied. Then I sanded with 100 grit aluminum oxide, achieving only very slight dulling. I apply the gloss paint a second time and still the same problem.

    Very frustrated. Any advice appreciated.


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    you might have to go deeper with the sanding. the latex is a rubber base and is preventing the finish paint from permeating the base coat.
    some paints are just not compatible with others. Floor finishes for example. They say to sand in between coats to get rid of the sheen so that subsequent coats can grip what's underneath. Also a tack cloth is used to remove all traces of the sanding dust.