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Problems with Walmart paint


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  • Problems with Walmart paint

    I posted this on another board pertaining to interior walls, but maybe this one is more appropriate...
    Though I normally do not shop at Walmart, I have come to like their interior satin "colorplace" paint, in a shade which I use in all of my rental units. The last batch; though appearing to be the same stuff in the same can, seems to be thinner and tends to run and drip much more than I am accustomed to. Has anyone else had a similar experience, or perhaps have knowlege of a switching of paint suppliers to Walmart recently?
    The five gallons I bought last month were just fine. The stuff I bought today is CRAP.

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    Bad paint....

    I'd have no compunction with taking it back and explaining the issue. If the second can is also as bad, I'd take that one back too and ask for a store credit toward something else, then get the paint elsewhere.


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      very very very rare to have a bad batch of paint. Walmart does not make paint there are two companies that make there paint for them. Plus you should always "block" your paint. meaning if you purchase more than one gallon you mix them together in a larger bucket. It is possible however that the company has made a formula change. Although paint companies don't normally do this that often. I would consider if you like the paint try it again by returning your other paint or going to another store and trying a paint of like price and quality.
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        i Have Been Using Walmart Paint for 14 years and it is Fantastic

        The basic stuff they carry is Glidden and it holds up like gangbusters. You probably got a bad batch. I can see that happening with a discounter as surely Glidden slips them their old stock and stuff like that. Other than those random issues I wouldn't use anything else. Wallyworld has always been good about returning things, never had one single problem returning anything as long as I had a receipt. Even if you don't I think they will happily replace it.


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          I would have to disagree

          If you understand how paint is made you understand that when paint is formulated in usually 2000 gallon batches. Paint is tested multiple times per batch. When someone has a problem with a paint its very very common to yell bad batch. The truth is bad batches rarely occur. Plus remember the grade of paint sold to walmart is lower quality than others carry. Thus the cheap price most under 13bucks a gallon. A good quality paint should cost u around 16-22 bucks a gallon. The inexpensive stuff that is mad for Walmart is not Glidden its Sherwin Williams and Valspar.
          Yes return the paint they will take care of you but consider getting higher quality paint from another retailer such as Lowes or Home Depot.


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            I have always bought whatever was cheap at Lowe's for my home without problem. A while back I happened down the Walmart isle with the 50% off paint, presumably returned by customers who changed their mind about color. I bought a couple of cans (not sure what brand), and started on my daughters' bedroom with a pink they'd always wanted. Not knowing much about paint, nor ever having problems with it, I'll describe what I saw the best I can. It had the marbled appearance of some types of fingernail polish, and after several mins stirring/shaking it wouldn't completely mix. When hubby and I put it on the wall it was runny and left streaks. It almost seemed like someone had added something to the paint -- I'll never know. I figured I'd be safe if I never bought discount paint again.

            Then in 10/09 I bought 2 gals (new) ColorPlace Latex Semi-Gloss to match my kitchen. We didn't paint until two months later. The cans were not opened until it was time to paint, and we had no problems.....UNTIL about a month later and I asked my son to do some spot-cleaning around the kitchen. We now have lighter spots on the wall where the paint came off. It peeled or dissolved off the wall. I'm happy to say I just came across my receipt from back then, and still have both cans, one un-opened. I really hope they'll give me my money back because I really need to buy some other paint from a store I can depend on. I buy EVERYTHING else from Walmart, but never again will I buy paint.


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              Walmart ColorPlace paint

              I'm a pro painter for two decades now. This economy has many people backing off from non-essential spending, and shopping for low costs with the best quality they can get without exceeding their budget.

              Save money, live better.

              Walmart Color Place paint was made by Sherwin-Williams up until a point in 2010 or 2011 when they started carrying Glidden. Glidden set up the "Brilliance" line for Walmart. They also started making Walmart's Color Place paint for them.

              The quality of Color Place paint made by Glidden excellent, MUCH better than old Sherwin-Williams made Color Place paint. Old Color Place semi-gloss paint was TERRIBLE! You could peel it off doors and trim.

              The cost went from $7.77 to $10.86 for a gal of interior flat, but worth twice that.

              I use new Color Place interior flat on EVERY ceiling I paint, and flat or satin on walls if customer wants to save money on paint.

              Any painter knows that you will need two coats for any accent (dark) color, so this paint is perfect, not too thick and not too thin.

              Since most all paints are now 100% acrylic when they dry, they're all pretty much the same, anyway! it's mostly about how they perform when applying.

              Cheers to Walmart for helping us out through this crappy Obama economy!


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                Originally posted by mrcaptainbob View Post
                I'd have no compunction with taking it back and explaining the issue. If the second can is also as bad, I'd take that one back too and ask for a store credit toward something else, then get the paint elsewhere.
                I agree. I can't imagine it being a problem. To be honest, this isn├Ąt the first time I have heard such things about DIY stuff from Walmart.


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                  never buy paint from walmart. you will get what you pay for. horrible quality.


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                    Walmart paint is not good, the quality sucks, never buy from them. I got once and i regreat


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                      I just painted a couple doors with Walmart exterior flat and had no problems with the paint, just hoping it holds up good.


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                        yeah never buy paint from wal mart.