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  • Paint Colors / Brands..

    For years now I have been using PPG SunProof Acrylic Latex paint satin on house and flat on fence. I loved PPG paints.. But that might change.. The local dealer closed and reopened his store about 50 miles away.. I visited them today and asked them about ordering more paint to do some touch up, etc.. I told them I have the their code number that I have used for years when ordering new matching paint and thought that was it.. NO NO.. It seems as though even though they have the numbers / mixture needed for the tints, they now use a different tint system and the new color probably would not match.. . NOT GOOD NEWS ... Maybe now is the time to change brands and let someone else closer by have the business... but what brand?? In my area we have Home Depot , Rodda, Sherwin Williams and Ace Hardware . Who would carry the best brand of paint???

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    I paint in acrylics and started out with the large tubed cheaper varieties, but nowadays mostly use Liquitex heavy body. I also have a few W&N professionals and a couple of Golden acrylics. Also have some of the cheaper brands, which I mainly use for initial surface washes, under colors, or sketching out the picture. I guess part of the brand you choose or prefer is down to how you paint - thinly or thickly. I'm not usually patient when it comes to drying time.. (often have a hairdryer to hand!), but if I want a slightly longer drying time than acrylics usually allow, I add a bit of matt medium (Galleria in my case). I also use this if I want to add glaze layers. I haven't tried other mediums with acrylics (to slow or speed up drying time) as yet. Also, haven't painted in oils, so I can't offer a comparison experience there!