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  • Driveway Lighting

    First, I would like to place a sub panel on the back side of my house on the porch to run sprinklers, low voltage lighting, gate operator and the driveway lights.
    If my utility pole has the main panel under the meter and it runs into the house to a sub panel, is it still possible to run a second sub panel from the main panel?

    Second, I want to run two post lights (40w) down my driveway with plug outlets at each post and two (40w) wall lights at my front gate. The distance to where I want to place the sub panel to the gate is approximately 300ft. What size wire and breaker would be prefered?

    Third, I have a Mule Gate Operator on the gate that runs off DC from a battery or tranformer. So, same distance.... what size wire and breaker should I use?

    Thanks in advance

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      For a 300 foot run considering voltage drop, at a load of 60 amps, a #2 thw cable (times 4) would be required. Two hots, a neutral and a ground.
      Inch and a half conduit would be required for this pull.
      Code says that #6 would be sufficient but because of voltage drop per 100 feet, wire increase in size is needed. The book says #6 carries 65 amps and #2 carries 115 amps. I know it sounds like overkill to put in such a big wire for 60 amps but the numbers don't lie! Go with the #2.
      Write me back at my email address and we'll discuss this further. I'm around everyday.