Summer is upon us and what better time is there to take on a home improvement project? With the longer daylight hours and warmer weather, grill outs and get togethers are bound to happen, and no one wants their home looking any less than spectacular. Here are a few project ideas to tackle this summer.

1. Install storm doors. Not only do storm doors protect your door from inclement weather, it can provide an outlet to enjoy the outdoors without exposing your home to insects and the like. Inexpensive options can be found at your local hardware store and are relatively easy to install.

2. Install energy efficient windows. Your power bill is likely to skyrocket in the summer with the increased use of the AC. You can prevent this from happening by installing energy efficient windows, which serve to keep the heat out and the cold air in (and vice versa in the winter). This is a great investment in your home, and the benefits can be felt all year.

3. Spruce up the backyard. Summer is defined by grilling out, pool parties, and family gatherings. Make your home the place to be by updating your landscaping, adding some patio furniture, or even installing a fire pit. All of these can be done rather inexpensively and most home improvement stores offer deals at the beginning of the season. You can also purchase some tiki torches that double as insect repellant to add ambiance once the sun goes down, as well as to keep uninvited pests away.

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