Refinishing old furniture is a guaranteed way to rejuvenate and add a little pizzazz to the interior of your home. The process is relatively simple and pain free, but it's a multi-level job. If you've got a whole weekend ahead of you, get ready to bring new life to an old piece of furniture!
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Let's say you've acquired an old dresser like the one pictured above. The piece has great potential, but it's not so easy on the eyes. In order to refinish it and make the dresser more aesthetically pleasing, you'll need a few supplies:
1. A sander if you (or a friend who will let you borrow one), or sand paper if a sander isn't available. Sanding it down by hand will take much longer, though.
2. Your choice of wood stain
3. Medium sized paint brush, about 2 inches
4. An old rag or two that you don't mind getting rid of

On to the main attraction!

Step 1: Wipe the entire dresser (or whatever it is you're refinishing) to remove any debris that might affect the finish. Use a damp rag for this.
Step 2: Get to sanding. Bust out the sander if you have one, or go at it with some sand paper. Just remember to sand with the grain of the wood no matter what method you use.
Step 3: Wipe the entire thing down again with your damp rage to ensure that there are no debris left. You don't really want a bumpy dresser after all the effort you put into it!
Step 4: Time to stain! After you've made sure the surface is completely dry, bust out whatever finish you've picked and the 2 inch brush. Apply a thin, even coat to the surface of your piece of furniture. Let it sit for at least 20 minutes to get the optimum results.
Step 5: After it's been 20 minutes, take a clean, dry rage and wipe the entire surface down again. This removes any excess stain, but there shouldn't be too much. If you're happy with the appearance, let it sit for a while longer, up to a day.
Step 6: Depending on the stain you got, it may have a poly-sealant already included. If not, get a sealant so everything stays put. Follow the same process as the stain and apply a thin coat to the entire surface. Let this sit for a day.

Voila! you have a brand new dresser!