I've recently come across some handy money-saving tips that I want to share with you guys. Who doesn't love saving money, right?
  • If you want to save a big chunk of money on your utility bills, try washing your clothes in warm water and rinsing them in cold water. There's no point in rinsing your clothes in hot or warm water when cold water works just as well.
  • Don't throw away paint just because it has a couple of chunks in it. There are strainers (and they're relatively cheap!) at hardware stores that work like magic and restore the usability to your paint.
  • Easily restore the water pressure back to your faucet by cleaning or replacing the aerator. Mineral and hard water deposits can cling, blocking the flow of water and diminishing your water pressure. Simply unscrew it, clean it, or replace it if it's not salvageable. You don't want to pay a plumber to come out and tell you something so simple, right?

These simple tips can save money in the long run, so why not give them a shot!