There's no reason to wait for Halloween to decorate! Here are some easy and beautiful ideas to decorate your home for the Fall season.

Candle Holders: miniature pumpkins and gourds can serve as festive candle holders. Just take a sharp knife or a pumpkin carvig tool to cut a two inch deep hole in the center of the pumpkin. The width of the whole depends on your candle. You can use either long stem candles or tea lights may work as well.

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Staircase Decor: place a small white pumpkin on each step. You can do one pumpkin per step, two pumpkins on each side, or alternating sides. This is super versatile, and incredibly easy!

Entryway Decor: gather some small branches from your yard (or a park, whatever). Get a decent sized vase to put a couple branches in (the number can very depending on the size, as long as it looks good to you!). You can get some gold spray paint and some loose glitter and make some fabulous branches, or you can tie acorns and/or tiny pine cones to the branches with thread or fishing line. This one is very versatile as well and relatively inexpensive.

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These are just a few ideas. There are so many potential projects, so get creative!

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