Happy (early) New Year from Home Repair Forum!!

The new year is almost upon us! Many people start making resolutions to carry them through the upcoming year. Why not make some resolutions regarding your home? It's just as important to care for your home as it is to care for your self and your family!

Here are some ideas for resolutions regarding the care of your home:
1. Designate one day a month (or week, or every other month, etc) to going around your home and fixing all the little things that you notice. This could be things like tightening loose screws, changing bad light bulbs, etc.

2. Dedicate a weekend to sprucing up your front door. Repaint the door if it's looking a little drab. Then add a new door knob or even a new door knocker. For some finishing touches, add some pretty plants to complete the look.

3. At the turn of every season (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter), do season-appropriate maintenance around the exterior as well as the interior of your home. For example, when more extreme weather is approaching (like summer and winter), make sure your home is well insulated in order to keep the cold/heat out.

What are your resolutions for the new year?