If you're like me, you never know what to do with the leftover and empty rolls when they've reached the end of life. I hate to throw them away, but what else can ya do with them?!

Fortunately, I found some practical ways to make use of the cardboard rolls! Keep reading for ways to recycle!

- Keep Christmas lights neat. Simply wrap the strand of lights around a paper towel tube and tape the ends down. The next time you have to break them out, they will be easy to use and tangle-free!

- Vacuum Cleaner Extension. This would work best with a paper towel roll, but it just depends on where you're trying to vacuum. All you have to do is tape the tube to the end of the vacuum tube and you can get into small areas.

- Cord wrangler. Who doesn't have pesky cords for phone charges or other appliances? Well all you have to do is wrap your cords up and insert ehm into either toilet paper rolls or papertowel rolls, depending on the size of the cord. You can even make a fancy Cord organizing box!

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There are tons of other creative and useful things you can do with leftover rolls. Get Creative and recycle!