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What w98 software do I need?


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    win 98 and se

    check your bios and see what the boot-up order is. should be something like A: then CD: then C:
    computers way back then had an A: drive [floppy] then they read the CD drive and finally the c: drive.
    If you can get into the win 98 directory see if you can find an AUTORUN command.
    Normally though the machine should bootup off the CD drive and try a clean install. Eventually you'll see a box that asks for the CD key - five separate number/alpha sequences that you must type in.
    SE means second edition and installs over win 98


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      The only bios on the screen says v4.51PG but the user manual says the default boot sequence is A&C. My disc goes in E.

      I found some info from MS that might work. Haven't found Win98 directory yet.
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        I got into setup showing the BIOS order but it won't let me change it. I have tried several ways suggested on the net but no luck so far. Not in any hurry.


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          win 98

          don't waste your time with win was great at the time.. but has went the way of the dodo will not support it and any software download you will have problems...I'm still running XP but in time it will go also...