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Receiver Problem-Repair help


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  • Receiver Problem-Repair help

    So I got SOH WM-99A wireless microphones for free, but there was one problem. Somethings was wrong with the receiver. When I talk on microphone with Input A the sound is quieter than the sound from Input B and when I shout on the microphones the signal gets lost. So I opened the receiver and found that one of the coils was unsolder. Do you think that this is causing the problem, or there is something others ? Should I solder the cloil or not ?

    P.S. Here is a pick: Click image for larger version

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    I think that the fallen coil must be in the middle of the circle. The fallen coil is same as the others.

    Sorry for my bad english .

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    does the free end of the coil look like it was soldered? ya got to be careful here. a coil soldered at one end and not soldered at the other is called a "gimmick." it is an inductor that is frequency sensitive. the interaction of the inductor and the board ground path completes the circuit.


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      It seems, that the coil was soldered at its two ends.


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        that coil is part of the frequency determining network. if you can find where the free end was soldered, try re-soldering careful and don't open up the coils too much. the spacing between the coils is enough to upset the frequency. if you'll note, all of the coils are sealed with a type of glue or epoxy. this is to keep their adjustment constant.