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'Craftsman 33gal upright NOW pressurizes to 150psi'

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  • 'Craftsman 33gal upright NOW pressurizes to 150psi'

    I have had this compressor for over 10 years and it seems to me to pressurizeto 140 psi.

    This morning I noticed it stopped at 150psi...

    Should this be a concern to me and if so what should I do?
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    Is the over pressure valve functional (relief valve) ? then I wouldn't worry about it, That's the safety relief, if it pops off, then worry. The pressure switch has slightly changed, some can be adjusted, or replace it if you are nervous about it, The pressure vessel code stamp on the tank shows the max allowable pressure, if it is close to that pressure replace the relief and pressure control. Always drain the condensate from the tank, as that can degrade the tank internally (rust)
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      Another thing to do, change the gauge. They are cheap and don't last that long.