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  • Site Member Introductions

    It might be nice and helpful if we had a thread where we (members) introduced ourselves and what trade(s) we're involved with. Just a thought, what do you think? [:I]

    <center>edit: If approved, this thread would be fine.</center>


    Saftey First! </center>

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    That sounds like a great idea. Could be a category type list? 'real' job, as well as interests?...Many people have much knowledge in their hobbies...


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      Professionally I am a computer consultant, recreationally I enjoy enhancing the aesthetic and financial value of our home. My wife and I usually have at least one home project going at all times. Sometimes our projects take a lot longer than we thought they would, but we always try to have fun while doing them.

      I worked my way through part of school as an electrician's apprentice, so I have some professional experience there. Everything else I know is from books, trial and error, or this forum! Thanks for all the great advice!



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        Well, it's very nice to meet everyone. [8D] My name is Dan and I'm a professional plumber by day with an engineering background. Have always liked to tinker with things. My biggest love is computers, 2nd to my wife of coarse. I love to help folks if I can. It's a pleasure to be here!
        • Professional (Ind/Com) Journeyman Service Plumber. 15 years with current employer, 23+ in the field.
        • Certified Engineering Operations Executive (CEOE) degree through the AHMA, subsidiary of Cornell University.
        • Journeyman Stationary Plant Engineer (Local 501).

        More info here:


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          Retired. Thirty-four years as engineering designer with major auto company. Besides wife, hobbies inlude BOATING (yes, it's all capitals!), working on our 140 year old 'project' house, reading, anything scientific, or somewhat interesting.


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            I did see a new members section so I figured this would be the place to come introduce myself. Found this site while cruising around on the internet, thought I'd come on in and give it a look. I'm a metal stud framer (7years), and a drywaller, (9 years). Have also been a painter, plastere, taper, E.I.F.S., and roofer. If it requires physical work, I'm doing it. Never did get that whole work smarter not harder thing. LOL. Well, anyway, hope to be of some help to all who need it. Thanks

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              If the truth were told i think i am a perpetual student with a sideline in the building trades.
              Refrigeration and air conditioning,,del mar college, corpus christi, tex
              Basic electricity,,,, del mar college, corpus christi, tex.
              High pressure boiler fireman,,Springfield technical community college, springfield, Mass.
              Licensed 2nd class fireman ,,commonwealth of Massachusetts.
              Certified Maintenance craftsman, massachusetts civil service commission
              Locksmith, Locksmithing Institute of America, little falls, New Jersey
              Certified Journeyman plumber, Locklyn vocational tech, Milton, Florida
              certified Master Plumber, Florida Department of Labor Apprenticeship board
              Experienced in site preparation and concrete foundation work ( two years.)
              35 years experience as a maintenance tech in schools, hospitals and apartment communities
              currently self employed as a general contractor doing rehabs on older homes for rentals.
              Principle hobby, computer, photography, Amateur Radio (licensed general class) and wood working.
              part time hobby farmer on 60 acres (if i can ever get time to get the crops planted that is)


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                Hi, I'm HayZee518 - I am in upstate NY age 57 and still kicking.
                Commonwealth of Massachusetts Master Electrician - 40 years+
                Journeyman Electrician - 45+
                Bethlehem Steel 6 yrs - Open Hearth Electrical
                Chicopee Manufacturing - Mass - Electrical Maint
                National Blank Book Co - Holyoke Mass - Electrical
                Western Mass Electric Co - 19 1/2 years - Electrical & Operations
                Infiniti Graphics - Enfield CT - Electrical
                Buffalo China Corp - Buffalo NY electrical & Mechanical
                George Moore Trucking - Keeseville NY - Rebuild Starters and Alternators
                Interests furniture building, Woodworking repair, New construction, Concrete, Roofing, Tile, Flooring, Computers, Siding, Plumbing, Karaoke


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                  Hello everyone,
                  I am really stoked to have found this far a lot of my questions have been answered and I can feel the embers of motivation heatin' up.
                  I am a CAD Drafter, I'm supposed to be going back to school to get my degree in Engineering, but haven't figured out what area I am most likely to be happy with.
                  Up until we purchased our first home last year, I didn't have any experience with major home improvements/repairs. Since the purchase I have layed a ceramic tile floor, stripped and repainted my kitchen cabinets, put fluted glass inserts in said cabinet doors, stripped more wallpaper than should be legal for 1 house, put back up just about that much paint/wallpaper, faux finished 3 rooms worth of walls and put down peel and stick linoleum. Now that the bun is in the oven, I have ideas but no time or energy.
                  A lot of apprehension, and never enough money...that's my excuse.
                  It's been a year since we've taken ownership and I have about 10 years worth of I expect that I will be here a lot.
                  You all seem like a friendly bunch (w/ the exception of a couple of not so nice posts from a couple of people) and your advice and instructions are very re-assuring. I can't wait to post.[:I]

                  ...Stress is when you wake up screaming & realize that you weren't even sleeping...


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                    Oops! I goofed up on my first post...the bun left the oven
                    9 months ago, that was right about the time that all of my
                    home improvement projects came to a screaching halt. So, no
                    I have no medical excuse for my lack of motivation...

                    ...Stress is when you wake up screaming & realize that you weren't even sleeping...


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                      Im sorry hayzee thinks the worse of me,thought he cared alot for me ,I guess hes kind of put out because Im a member here.Oh well guess its not big enough for both of us,so Ill bow out graciousely.We are not bf/gf in a few days,So I will wish him the best.He does get very jealouse on here by some of the good responces from these nice people,so watch out,hes not who he seems to be,for anyone who would like to know.Im sad he has put a bad word in here about me,guess everyone is intitled to their oppinion.Thank you for the warm welcome for me here.

                      Linda Lee
                      Linda Lee


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                        Hi Everyone,

                        I live in Winnipeg, Canada, have been a police officer for 20 yrs. Hubby and I purchased a house two years ago, it's about 18 yrs old so we bought it just in time to upgrade everything! We both try hard to do some of the work ourselves but sometimes that just isn't possible. Since 2003 we have replaced the furnace, new lino, new carpet, ripped off wall paper and painted, built a deck, chopped out some trees and the list goes on. By the time we get this place the way we want it, one of us will get transferred! (Hubby's in the military so we move often) The big thing this year will be new shingles on the roof. Lots of projects but all worthwhile. We both enjoy doing these home improvement projects - well, maybe I like them more than he does. In addition to projects, I live for gardening and yard work. I hope our next move takes us somewhere that I can do it 12 months of the year!

                        So happy to have found this forum, it has been extremely helpful and the advice has been just great. Thanks everyone.

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                          I guess I'd better introduce myself because I think I'm going to be hanging around here alot! After putting 20 yrs in the army, my husband retired 2 yrs ago and we bought our first house. Now, he's working crazy hours and has no time for home repairs. This house was built in 1956 and needs alot of repairs. I'm the one who does anything dealing with the house, and hubby is the one who works and makes the money. So, I'm new at all this, but I have the time, and the interest in getting my house fixed up. I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty, but I lack the knowledge to do alot of things. That's where this site and you wonderful people can help me!

                          Anyhow, I'm Anne, and I hope you all don't get tired of me. I don't know all the correct words to use, so bear with me, please.
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                            Hi Anne, and welcome to the forum...I think i can speak for all when i say we look forward to helping you.

                            Do not be too overly concerned about knowing all the words, especially in the plumbing field. While knowing the proper nomenclature does help communicate problems, designs or ideas, there is also a long list of words common to plumbers that simply doesnt bear repeating in mixed company..


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                     life story...

                              I'm one of those typical "Yuppies" but I never intended to be. I am female, in my mid-forties and had it "up to here" with the establishment. Didn't want to be what I was doing when I grew up (managed 2 large shopping centers in Northern California). Wasn't the game plan, but when you have a $1200 mortgage, you do whatcha have to do. There has to be more to life than being management.

                              Went in one morning and quit my job. Yep. Walked right up to the boss and said, "I'm going to school. Never had a chance to before. Can't afford to and work part time here. Sellin' my house and movin'."

                              And I did. Bought a really big old weird farmhouse in Ohio 10 months ago and have been redoing (more like UN-doing) things ever since. Have already sunk my nest egg in it and still haven't finished one room. Well it WAS really bad off, but at least I don't have that stupid payment hanging over my head every month. That's what keeps me going![:I]

                              Enrolled in school for the fall--going to become a "building restoration techinician" and already have a tentative position with a firm in the Boston area when I graduate. Graduation isn't for two years and yeah, I know I'll be forty-seven, but hell, I'll be forty-seven ANYWAY, right?

                              In all honesty--all the problems with this place aside, it has been a rebirth of sorts. Neither my husband (bless his heart, he came willingly into this mess with me) or I have worked outside the house for this entire time and we don't have television and believe it or not we have NOT killed each other, so it's been a rebirth of our commitment to each other, too. It's easy to let things get lost when you're doing the forty hour a week thing with a bunch of strangers or people you don't even like very much. Nearly 18 years and I still like him. Whatzupwiththat?!

                              So, I guess I'm what you might call a "new age" type of person and I have taken the vital steps to healing my soul. That may seem like a goofy thing to say, but I feel better about myself working on this crappy house than I have in a LOOOOONG time. Yes, it IS truly all about ME. There, I said it and I feel BETTER! LOL!