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Old Wooden Creaking Chairs


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  • Old Wooden Creaking Chairs

    I have a set of old wooden chairs in my home, and they make loud creaking noises whenever any single part of them is moved. If one leans back into the chair or moves it over, the whole room is filled with sound. Is there a way to repair/fix the chairs' creaking noises, or do I thank them for their service and replace them.

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    How are the pieces put together? Is it with screws or nails or is it glue? I think if you could tighten the joints it might help, but that may not be possible. Might be time for a new set of chairs unfortunately....


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      If possible, take them apart. Clean (scrape chip away..) the glue around the stem piece and inside the hole, if possible. Mix up some epoxy glue. I'm a fan of the stuff from H. Freight. Put some in the hole and replace the stem piece. Wipe away excess epoxy. It WILL last forever! Judge how much epoxy squeezed out for correct amount on next hole. You won't be disappointed.