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  • How To Post

    I get asked by new members how to post a question. If I left something out, please let me know...

    Have you registered? You can do that here:

    Once you have registered and logged in, you need to find the appropriate place for your topic. It needs to go in one of the forums here:

    Go to the appropriate forum, and press the New Thread button at the top left.

    You will be at the Post New Thread form. Fill out the title of your question, and its details in the message and press submit.

    You should see your new question in the appropriate forum.

    A few tips:
    - Choose a notification type. It allows the forum to automatically email you when there is a response, so that you can keep up with the answers.

    - Polls are great when asking people to make decisions. Have users vote on the choices you present.

    - Make use of photos, it really helps clarify which makes your questions easier to answer. To add them click on the Manage Attachments button.

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    Troy mentioned posting photos.

    Having to date posted more than 1800 responses to questions in the Home Repair Forum I can tell you first hand that before we can even begin to offer information on how to resolve your problem we must first be able to form some type of mental image of what the problem really is.

    Needless to say, it is extemely difficult to form a mental image of a plumbing problem when the only information I have to work from is a verbal description that goes something like,,,The thingy attached to the doodad under my sink is loose and now my dishwasher won't drain.......LOL.

    Every endeavor in life has a jargon and language of its own and when conversing with another plumber I would expect them to describe the problem using the acceptable nomenclature of the plumbing trade but we cannot expect the homeowner, DIY'er or Novice to be fully conversant in the language of the building trades any more than what I could converse with a doctor or lawyer using the technical language of their profession. To that end I would ask that you be as descriptive as possible with your question and please don't be offended if we must ask a few additional questions before we can get to the crux of your problem.

    There is an old addage that says a picture is worth a thousand words and in this arena you can be sure that is true. If you dont have a digital camera or a means of actually taking a picture of the problem you might try using your graphics program to create a simple line drawing. Believe me when i say any visual helps greatly on this end.


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