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  • Have you ever heard such a thing

    When I got home yesterday I saw a sitation on our trash can. I didnt seperate our Recyclables good enough and were givin a ticket by the trash police. My neihbor said they saw some bum going through our cans but didnt notice it was the garbage police. Wow, you get a ticket if it`s not seperated at least 90% recyclabes. Now I`ve seen it all.

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    Trash ticket...

    SHAME on you!! Jail time would be FAR more appropriate! Yeah, I know what you mean. Many decades ago the trash collectors emptied almost all out of the two cans I set out front. There were two pieces of wood they left behind. I called the city about it. They explained that the trash collectors are not allowed to pick up construction material. I said these were just two rotted legs from the picnic table that had to be replaced. Hardly construction material. But they were adamant. After all, they WERE 2x4's! painted barn red...about 30 inches long, obviously rotted wood. More effort to have taken them out of the can than to have just tossed them with the rest of the stuff. BUT....the rest of the story is that the city hall person said if they are short pieces of wood that that is NOT considered construction material. So I cut them in half and next week they were gone. Huh? A ticket. How lame....


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      Trash Cops

      And who says we are a broke nation. We can afford to pay trash cops. Or perhaps the tickets they dole out is how we can afford to pay them!
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        Revenue raising, and how can you argue it, technically the law was broken (no matter how absurd it is). Like doing 70 in a 60 zone, get a ticket, decide to go to court, judge says....what was the signed speed?......what speed were you doing?...... done deal for revenue raising !!
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          I would get a written statement from the neighbor that he/she saw someone going through your trash, then you could contend that you did sort it correctly but it was tampered with after it was set at the curb, so it was the city's failure to maintain proper security while your can was in their care.


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            I, for one, am sick and tired of the police cracking down on law abiding citizens simply because most law abiding citizens have good jobs and can afford to pay a fine or a traffic ticket.

            I just recently got a fine for not wearing a seat belt while driving. I have no problem with the police giving out tickets because seat belt laws are there to promote public safety. I have a problem with the amount of the fine. $292.

            Fining someone almost $300 for not wearing a seatbelt is no longer promoting safety. It's legalized theft.


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              why stop at $292? This could have been $900 for not wearing a seat belt. Who determines what fine amount can be levied? Who makes these crazy, absurd rules?


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                I'm not going to get into the multitude of reasons why you should wear a seatbelt, nor will I mention why you should be penalized for not wearing one. What I can say is that fine costs are partly determined by actuarial's who are simply asked "what cost will make people think twice about not wearing a seatbelt ? " $50 fine and most people wouldn't think about it.....$300 I bet everytime you get in your car now you think about it !!!!
                Little about a lot and a lot about a little.
                Every day is a learning day.


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                  Here we have the water police. Thank God I live out in the boonies where they wouldn't go because there would be far too few houses to police.

                  It's getting worse everyday. More revenue needed all the time.

                  Has anyone ever watched Parking Ways on the History Chanel? I caught it yesterday and couldn't believe it. They make it out to be a wholesome occupation. These two people run around putting wheel blocks on cars at expired meters. They actually complain while riding along that there isn't enough illegal parkers to harass.


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                    No, that's not the reason.

                    "What I can say is that fine costs are partly determined by actuarial's who are simply asked "what cost will make people think twice about not wearing a seatbelt ? "

                    It's because I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and our mayor, Mr. Sam Katz decided to push for the construction of a controversial building: The Canadian Museum of Human Rights. Well, that building has been under construction for some time now, and they're running into financial problems keeping the construction going.

                    Now, the Traffic division of the Winnipeg Police have been told to give out 600 to 700 traffic and parking tickets per month, or between 2 to 3 times their usual number of about 250 tickets per month.

                    Put an http in front of this character string:


                    I believe the two items are related. The City needs money to finish that building, and they're using the Police to crack down on (for the most part) law abiding citizens to get more money.

                    I used to like watching TV shows like Cops. Now I shut them off because I have lost respect for the police. They are the Mayor's puppets and go along with whatever it takes to get promoted. If I were a traffic cop, I'd say "The city got themselves into their financial mess, let them get themselves out of it."


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                      The cops can't do that because the town's funding pays their salary. In other words they write the tickets that pay for their existence.
                      I live in New York right across the canadian border. Our town has no police. We are located thirty miles in two directions and forty five miles north of the New york State Police. It takes up to an hour for the nysp to arrive at our town if an infraction takes place. the other two places, a half hour to get here. an accident, a robbery, an altercation, ain't nobody around when you need them. we have a sign on the library that shows the presence of the nysp, but it is un-manned. four times my rural mailbox has been run over by the same vehicle. cops investigate but they won't push it. they take descriptions of what they see and what I saw. I have on my porch an antenna off the vehicle, several lens pieces from the vehicle and a shattered mirror from the same vehicle. Asked the cops if they could it for evidence. they said, "how would we prove those came from THAT vehicle?" Dumb cops!
                      Two years ago I got a fine of $130.00 for a dirty license plate on a wintery day, road slop all around.