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humour for tv and radio technicians


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  • humour for tv and radio technicians

    i thought i would start a new thread to see if there are any tv, radio or audio repairers amongst us. i would like to hear any funny stories you might want to share or any annoying things that tend to happen in this job.
    one thing that happened to me quite a while back was quite extraordinary. i used to repair tv sets and video recorders in peoples homes and one day i was called to a lady in an area that was hmmm shall we say, a little deprived. she complained that her video recorder had stopped working. when i got to it, it was chewing up the tapes on eject. i took the top off and the bottom panel and showed the lady the inside of her video recorder. lol the poor woman didnt know where to look.....there must have been 20 dead cockroaches inside. funny thing is there wasnt much room for them to get inside. i suppose anyone that has repaired video recorders in the past must have come across the two year old toddler that loves posting jam butties through the cassette flap! look forward to hearing your funny stories, take care all.


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    OMG cockroaches in the video recorder - that's almost a horror movie. Imagine they creep out and eat everything else...uh


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      I have been a ham radio operator since 1975 and one night years ago I was at the local ham radio club meeting.

      After the meeting we were all sitting around drinking coffee and rag chewing when one of the guys says,,,"You know, after nearly 30 years of tinkering with these radios, i have finally discovered the secret to electronics."

      As you might imagine, we all asked if he would care to share the secret?

      He picked up a circuit board and says look here,.see all the tubes, transistors, resistors, capacitors and such,,,,One of those little cans that looks like a capacitor is really a can of smoke,,,and when the smoke comes out, the board is dead!"