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Please Help with dryer heating issue


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  • Please Help with dryer heating issue


    I have a dryer s/n LER4634jq1 and am having problems. The initial problem came in the from that the the timer knob was not advancing. I replaced the timer and problem still existed. I also noticed that the dryer was not heating. From reading a previous post on a similar issue, I reset the breakers (they hadn't tripped but many sites said to reset anyway), and the dryer timer would still not advance. I checked resistance across both heating coils and they were in the range specified on the schematic attached to machine. I 'think' I checked both thermal fuses and they had continuity. I've reached the extent of what I know how to check and my will power to keep checking! Any help would bre GREATLY appreciated.


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    Usually a dryer starts its cycling with a push to start switch. This push button is connected to a start relay. Look under the top panel for a relay board.


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      Dryer Heat

      I am thinking that possibly your heating coil is burned out and this is preventing the timer from working? At any rate, from the model number you give, your heating element appears to be on the back of the dryer and would then be easy to remove and inspect for a burned out element. See the page at Dryer Repair- How To Remove or Repair the Heating Unit for info on how to remove and check the heating element on various models. If you do not see a break, you can use a multi-tester, set to lowest resistance and check for continuity. You should see 0-50 ohms of resistance. And of course, disconnect power first.
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        DIY - he already said he took a resistance reading.


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          Look into heating first

          The initial problem [was] that the timer knob was not advancing. I replaced the timer and problem still existed.
          On what heat setting, an 'auto' or a 'permanent press' setting or a regular 'timed' setting??

          I also noticed that the dryer was not heating.
          On many models when on an 'auto' or a 'permanent press' setting, the timer will not advance without heat. (On a plain 'timed' setting the timer will always advance if it is not defective.)

          You can read about possible causes of no heat in an electric dryer at the following link:

          LINK > Can anybody tell me the most likely scenarios for lack of heat in an electric dryer?

          Maybe the most common failure to cause a no heat condition in your dryer (besides lack of power to the whole dryer) is a failed thermal fuse on the blower housing.

          LINK > Whirlpool LER4634JQ1 Dryer Thermal Fuse*
          *Link includes video of proper component testing procedures

          Once you get the heating fixed you can then look into the timer's operation... if it is still a problem.


          Dan O.

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