I have a Kenmore 110.97195120 gas dryer (electronic/propane), 30 years old. Lately, I've found it to overheat and shut down when in the permanent press setting (lowest heat/highest drying). I can set it on knit/delicate, and it seems to dry fine. I opened the dryer up and cleaned the little bit of lint I could find, along with cleaning the already clear vent pipe, and nothing seems to change. I have the Part No. 3395267 Rev. B Parts List (in case there is a more current part list). It appears a part will need to be replaced. Please help me identify what part to replace. There are two part numbers for the thermistor (3390292) and Thermostat High-Limit 205°F (3388697) which appear to be the same part in the diagram. Thank you.