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Ice maker not filling enough


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  • Ice maker not filling enough

    I replaced the water inlet valve on my Whirlpool fridge due to it not closing entirely and water trickling and freezing the line. I would have to unhook it from the back of the freezer and thaw it out.

    The new valve works fine and is quieter than the original when it activates, but there isn't enough water filling the ice tray now. The ice cubes are only about half the size as prior to replacing.

    ​​​​I used an OEM Whirlpool replacement part, is it possible that the new one is more "efficient" that the original? Using less water and quieter? Or is something wrong?

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    It sounds like something is wrong. Do you think something got in the line or the valve isn't all the way open?


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        Icemakers fill on a timed basis. Here's a website that might help: mainforums threads how-do-you-adjust-water-level-in-whirlpool-wrx735sdbm00-ice-maker.74948. ( I had to break up the URL because otherwise it wouldn't post correctly. Put slashes in place of the spaces.)
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