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New frge needed? Or not?


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  • New frge needed? Or not?

    This fridge, a GE unit model GSS25JFMC WW, went 'bad'. Stuff in the freezer was getting soft, milk on the 'fridge side was spoiled.
    'Fridge side temp was at 48*>
    Cleaned it all out, yadda,yadda.
    Left it unplugged overnight. After I vacuumed the rather thick layer over the cylindrical radiator t the rear base.
    What warm-ish air coming fro the end fan was becoming a bit cooler. After leaving it uplugged for about 14/16 hours, I plugged it back
    just for the what-the-heck sake. Well, the 'fridge side is now at 34*, while the Freezer side is well below 0* . I changed thermometers to
    one that reads to -60*.
    I will leave it set where it is for a few days, maybe a week to see if it stays this way.
    Maybe ten+ years ago I changed the circuit board in it.
    So....what is going on? Is it possible that the circuit board reset itself over night?
    Or that the internal 'freon' temps and pressures relaxed?
    Did I dodge a 2K$ bullet???

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    sounds like you dodged a bullet! vaccuuming helped i’ll bet! still running?


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      Probably got hot, due to the lint and dust. Once cleaned off the compressor overtemp switch stayed closed and it ran for a complete cycle. Clean the coils and fan area four times a year. Sorry for the very late reply!