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Anchoring RG-6 cable on Stucco Wall


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  • Anchoring RG-6 cable on Stucco Wall

    I am planning on helping a family member install several other Direct TV downleads. The only way to do it is down the exterior of a stucco wall. In the past I have avoided mounting anything to stucco but now there is no choice.. How do I do it and what do I use to avoid damaging the exterior wall? Any help is GREATLY appreciated...

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    The RG-6 cable should be supported using plastic U shaped clamps. From what I've seen its a small saddle type clamp with two small nails, however in your case the nails would be impractible, so I'd suggest you find some #4 or #6 long sheet metal screws along with the smallest plastic anchors you can find. Drill a hole so the anchor will go in, use some silicone sealant around the screw and drive the screw along with the clamp into the anchor. you might have to drill a clearance hole slightly larger in the two hole plastic clamp to clear the screw.