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Bathroom Vanity Granite Top - Install


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  • Bathroom Vanity Granite Top - Install

    I have purchased a premade 31" x 22" (with sink installed) granite vanity top from a local Home Store.. I know how to mount it to the vanity using silicone but have a question about the premade granite backsplashes that came with it that need to be installed.. one across the back and the other on the left side that is flush with the wall.. I also know that the back goes on first and then the side.. The backsplash will be attached to the wall board with silicone or liquid nails.. Now here is the question...after the backsplash is attached, should the bottom edge of the backsplash that sits on the granit top be caulked with clear silicone as well as the top edges that are against the wall board? The person at the store that sold it to me "thought" that the bottom of the basksplash should have a bead of silicone on it before being set in place..BUT this doesn't seem right to me... Any advice or comments would be GREATLY be appreciated by this Rookie Do-it-yourselfer...

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    use a bead of clear silicone on the bottom but smooth it out with your finger, then press it firmly in place. if silicine squishes out, remove it. when its all cured use a very fine bead of black silicone [ or clear silicone] [depends on the granite's color] in the groove between the backsplash and the top.