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220/110 circuit?


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  • 220/110 circuit?

    I'll be wring in a 220 line in the barn for an occasional use motor. Would it be okay to pick off one leg for 110 outlet near by? Just to have something that I 'might' use on that side of the barn?

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    I take it you will be feeding the 240 circuit with a double pole breaker, won't you? I'm assuming a 20 amp or less load, so the wire size would be 12 gauge. I would rather see another single pole breaker for that extra outlet because normally the motor load would be balanced and the wire you would use wouldn't have a neutral leg. Say for instance your motor load was 18 amps, if you have an outlet connected to one half the 2 pole breaker and ITS load was say, six amps, theoretically you would blow the breaker.


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      You are correct, HayZee. I will be using 12/4 and a 20A double pole breaker. The motor this will be driving is for the barn elevator. Rarely gets used. Only when I want something to/from one of the lofts. That's why I thought it might be okay to draw off one leg for a 120 in the area. It's not an area that sees a lot of use, but would like one there for the occasional effort, maybe a light.... Was wondering if that's a no-code thing or a dangerous thing to do.....


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        why go through the expense of 12/4? 12/2 with a ground would be sufficient. Like I said there would only be an equipment ground, no neutral. you want to piggyback an outlet, run a 12/2 to the outlet, connect the white to the neutral bus. take a pigtail and splice it to one leg of the elevator motor, then to the outlet black wire and put a wirenut on it. take the end of the pigtail and put it on one breaker leg and the other motor lead to the other side of the two pole.


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          240/110 circuit...

          I see now. Thanks, HayZee.....