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Ceiling Fan Light Problem

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  • Ceiling Fan Light Problem

    My lights on the ceiling fan don't work. It has three bulbs. Not all three bulbs could be burnt out at once? I took the light off, it has two plug in connectors to the fan. The fan was wired such that the lights and fan come on when switched. I took the light assembly to a light store and they checked it and they jumped the wires and everything worked.

    I checked the power feed from the fan unit with a tester the line is hot when the light is not plugged in, so I figured the connectors must be faulty. I cut them off and wired them together using wire nuts. Same result. I even tried just wiring one of the three light directly. Stumped. Any thoughts or ideas?

    Thank you.

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    ceiling fan

    wiring to the lights are via the blue and white.
    black and white is the fan motor.


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      Assuming your fan is like all I ever saw it has a pull chain to turn the lights off even if the main wall switch is on. Maybe the pull switch has accidental got turned off or is defective.
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        Originally posted by FordMan59 View Post
        Assuming your fan is like all I ever saw it has a pull chain to turn the lights off even if the main wall switch is on. Maybe the pull switch has accidental got turned off or is defective.

        Yep, that's my thinking as well.
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          Ceiling Fan Problem

          Originally posted by pushkins View Post
          Yep, that's my thinking as well.
          There is no switch to the light- it's hard wired, it only come on when the fan is on. I have an electrical issue. hot wire goes "out" when connected. disconnected he white wire then it became as well. Any thoughts?


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            power problem

            with the fan disconnected what do you read at the line hot and white? [with switch off]
            what do you read with the switch on, same two wires?
            how is the switch connected - line hot to the top and the load from the bottom?
            Is the wall switch by itself or in combination with other switches?
            Does your "hot" come into the ceiling box?
            Look at my diagram. There's no way it shouldn't work!Click image for larger version

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              Ceiling fan light

              It is exactly what I thought- there's no way it doesn't work. I removed the light casing- and this is what I found.

              1) it had a blue wire and and a white wire. (with the switch off) there is no power.

              2) I flipped the switch, the fan turns and the blue wire is dead- Unplug the light fixture and the blue wire becomes hot.

              3) I assumed the the connectors were bad so I removed them and re wire nutted everything back togther- same thing.

              4) I did this for the blue and white wire sets. still nothing.

              5) since the light has three bulbs with one pair of wires to each, i tested wire just one light seperately to the blue and white wire, still nothing.

              6) totally stumped.

              7) I did figure out that when the blue was hooked up the white was not connected, the white became hot as well. Is this normal?????

              What do I try next....




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                ok, something you said in your last posting meant something.
                first of all you said you took the lamp assembly to the distributor and everything worked. got home and it didn't.
                the only variable here is that all lamp sockets are connected in series, not in parallel the way it's supposed to be.
                In the lamp socket hub you should have all three blue wires together under a wire nut and all three white wires connected together under a wire nut.
                these two sets connect to the blue wire of the molex and the white wire of the molex [which you removed]
                then at the fixture to line wires you have a black hot, a black for motor and a blue for lights. all white wires together with the line white.
                try that!


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                  fan & lights

                  have you tried new light bulbs?
                  sometimes the center spring contact gets un-sprung and doesn't touch the lamp base.
                  make sure power is off and get in there with a small screwdriver and pry the contact up a touch.


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                    Ceiling Fan Light

                    Thanks for all of your suggestions. I am going to try them all this weekend. The light bulb thing is what started me down this path. The light worked before and when I took the cover shade off to repalce the bulbs. I wondered why all three bulbs would be out at once? Of course replacing the bulbs didn't do a thing.

                    I will look at the center contact/ spring issue.


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                      Ceiling fan light issue

                      Now I feel really stupid, I tried all of the suggestions, nothing worked, so I started taking apart the fan. It has a wireless controller hooked in at the junction box! I bypassed the remote, the lights worked! I scoured through the house boxes and found that I has a remote the unit (it's a Monte Carlo Brand).

                      I am wondering is the controller is bad. I tried using the remote, but it doesn't seem to do anything. I wondering if I can get a replacement controller module. The next trick will be "stuffing" the controller back into the fan hub base assembly and Junction Box.

                      I guess more tinkering willl be necessary.

                      Thank you everyone.


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                        change the battery in the remote


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                          If everything works when you bypass the remote control module then you have solved your own problem, either like Hayzee mentioned the batteries in the remote need changing or the remote control module in the fan housing is kaput and needs replacing. If that's the issue they cost around $30.
                          Little about a lot and a lot about a little.
                          Every day is a learning day.