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60 hz Humm - all outlets


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  • 60 hz Humm - all outlets

    Recently no matter where I plug an AM radio in throughout the house, it has a loud 60 hz humm.. I have turned off all flourescent lights thinking they were the source but nothing changes.. I have turned off the various breakers to circuits throughout the house but nothing changes. I even notice it in the car radio (when on AM) as I drive in the garage past the distribution/meter panel. Is this something in the house or something that I should contact the local power company about.. A few weeks ago even the meter panel was buzzing..

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    one or more of the filter capacitors in your radio's power supply is on the way out! it is usually a can type rated in WVDC [working volts d.c.]


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      A faulty dimmer switch, or a dimmer switch left all the way turned down, but not fully off, can cause problems. Especially true of older dimmers.