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  • Whole house generator....

    Will have a new generator installed for the house this summer. The plan is for a two pole 200A transfer box, 15000Kw generator running on propane when the winter storms hit., to make life a bit easier.
    Wife and I verified all larger appliances and added the wattages. IF they all ran at the same time, it would be approximately 7800 watt. Although the generator is 15Kw, that's the surge power, and normally runs 12Kw. That's on gasoline. Propane is running 11Kw. So the house would run at about 71% capacity. That seems like a comfy spot. it?

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    What is the install company saying? That sounds like enough to me. You including AC, Electric heat, etc as well?

    Sometimes the cost to bump up to the next Kw is nominal, might as well get a price. We don't have winter storms much but we have tornadoes etc in the summer, and it sure is nice to keep my AC on generator!