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tissue trouble


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  • tissue trouble

    I am just starting to faux finish and i am having a horrible time tring to replicate this beautiful tissue technique I saw at an open house. More specifically, I'm having problem especially with my corners. How do I achieve a seemless tissue wall?

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    I was told and found it to be helpful to use a very stiff clean paint brush to push the tissue in the corners. If you have tears just use another small piece to cover it over.

    This is a picture of the dining room I did.

    img][/img] Hope this helps.



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      Hello there!

      You have probably already tackled this project by now, but just in case...

      The trick to getting a seamless finish when using tisse paper is to tear all four of the edges of your square of paper. Don't allow the pieces to tear in a wave pattern -the edges need to be fairly straight. Be sure to overlap each piece onto the next by at least an inch, maybe a little more, so you don't end up with a "bump" where the two peices meet! Oh, and don't put it on the wall with wallpaper paste - use paint.

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