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Platon Membrane under ceramic tile?


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  • Platon Membrane under ceramic tile?

    Hello all, I am refinishing another room in my basement and thinking of tiling this one. I like the idea of a membrane under the tile to prevent cracking from slab movement. In my last room I used Platon Membrane under OSB to lay carpet. My question is, since I have lots of the Platon left over, is it ok to use directly under tile as you would with Schluter-Ditra?
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    have no idea about it


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      if you have no idea, then why comment ? you just bored ?


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        No do not try to use Platon, It is designed as a water proof membrane not as a tile sub set or a crack isolator (it may act as one but it is not what it is designed in floor use). Plus you will have issues with the bond between it and the floor as well as it and any tile installed.
        Ditra/Schluter is designed as an isolator and has specially designed pockets to add hold to mortars etc... If you have cracks, you are best using a crack isolating membrane, these are either glued over the crack with thin set or (sold in with the rolls of membrane) a primer is applied to the concrete and then you peel and stick the membrane down over it/the crack.
        Also remember when slabs are installed they should have expansion joints installed in them at the time they were poured (or sometimes cut a little later) these joints must be covered in the membrane as well.
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