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  • Flooring question

    I have burber carpet installed on my basement floor. It was glued down, every inch of it. They used trowels like you would on do on ceramic tile. I would like to remove the carpet and install laminate. I've never had any moisture issues in there. How can I get the carpet up and can I just install over any residue that may be left. I haven't tried to get it up so I don't know how hard it will be.

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    Start with simply pulling up the carpet, it's going to be a task but it's doable. To make the job a little easier run a sharp knife cut from one side of the room to the other in the carpet, that way your pulling up (rolling up) the carpet is say 5' wide sections.
    There is a tool that you can buy that is like a big scrapper blade is about 12" wide and the handle is 5' long, that's what is commonly used to remove glue residue (as well as vinyl flooring etc) you don't have to remove it all just make sure you get rid of the big lumps and anything that might not make a fairly smooth finish.
    You might want to check on the laminate flooring, many types are not recommended for below grade use (basements), engineered flooring might be a better option.
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