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Sliding Laminate Floating Floor (1 board)


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  • Sliding Laminate Floating Floor (1 board)

    We had "Click" Laminate flooring installed in our Mfg home over 10 years ago.. One area in hallway has one 36" board that on occasion slips from side to side but the end never comes out from under either side the 1/4 round base moulding.. It is annoying to hear it slide and I am afraid that over time will come loose due to continues movement.. I am reluctant to remove the 1/4 round to glue one end of the board to the adjacent board.. Is there another or easier way to stop this sliding side to side movement of one board?
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    Instead of gluing it where it couldn't expand/contract as needed I'd pull the 1/4 round, align the flooring as it should be and put a spacer between the wall and end of the flooring to keep it from sliding toward the wall. Manufacturers of this type flooring suggest having approximately 1/4" expansion room at all walls. If the spacer caused a problem you could always remove it but if the flooring gets glued down it could be hard to get lose and resolve any problems it might cause. I once put some of this flooring down in my mom's house and failed in one place to leave enough expansion room and had to take part of the flooring back out and rework it because where it didn't have the correct amount of expansion room it caused the flooring to buckle.
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